Buena Vista Country Club
Ocean Acres Country Club
Pinelands Golf Course

All-Fore Club Mission Statement
It is the mission of All-Fore Club to provide uniform and reliable services to the customers of any of the three Golf & Country Club Faciities that it represents:
Buena Vista Country Club, Ocean Acres Country Club and Pinelands Golf Course.

All-Fore Club was conceptualized in the fall of 1995 and was founded February 1, 1996 in conjunction with the golf season of that year. As you will find while browsing through this site, each of the facilities has been in existence for nearly a half century. The three facilities share common owners that have been engaged in the golf industry for more than thirty-five years. Not until June of 1994 did all facilities exist under the same umbrella. The last golf facility to join the fold was
Pinelands Golf Course. In the early period between 1994 and 1996, operational procedures were already 20 years in the making. It was during this period that movement toward unified operation was initiated. This unification culminated in the formation of All-Fore Club.

Some of the more practical benefits of the All-Fore Club operation happen behind the scenes. Each of the All-Fore Club facilities operates with the strength of three in its purchasing, maintenance, and other business functions. Ultimately, streamlining the operation affords the customer reasonable and quite affordable values. Other more obvious benefits are the Intra-facility golf memberships, accessibility to Pro Shop merchandise, Intra-facility golf tournaments, etc.

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